Are you the CEO, the Organisation, and the Chief Talent Officer ready for the Imagination Age?

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2018 Katharine McLennan onEnter the Imag
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2018 Enter the Imagination Age CEO, Are
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Summary of the article attached above:

IN THIS ERA OF THE IMAGINATION AGE, talent drives strategy. The Information Age has passed. Knowledge and therefore strategy quickly become a commodity that can easily be discoverable and passed on within hours between competitors across the world. The precious combination of continuous idea generation, customer enthrallment, employee activism and laser-like continuous improvement is an outcome of getting the right talent loving what they do, whom they work with and where they work as well as constantly adjusting the skills and psychology they need for the world that is emerging. This is the number one job of the CEO, and we are looking for a CEO that is ready to take that responsibility. There aren’t many yet.  

I have been writing for some time about the shift from the Information Age to the Imagination Age and what it will mean for organisations as far as Talent driving Strategy, the new "department" of the Talent Officer and the activity that Talent Officer will be driving. I have now consolidated this into a White Paper covering:

  • An explanation of the dynamics that have set us up for the arrival of the Imagination Age and its Talent-Drives-Strategy -- a full 20 years after McKinsey published the War for Talent

  • Why talent is "king" in the Imagination Era

  • How a CEO is different in the Imagination Age from the Industrial and the Information Age -- what capabilities they have, what temperament they will have, where they will spend their time

  • The most important partner for the CEO in the Imagination Age -- the Chief Talent Officer

  • How the agenda and composition of the Board will need to change in the Imagination Age

  • How your organisation will need to shift its design, its talent practices, its very concept of "human resources"

I look forward to hearing from organisations that are making the leap into the Imagination Age -- particularly those that require a Chief Talent Officer.

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