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D) Forums

There are two forums that are open to you by purchasing various combinations of subscription plans.  

  1. The Ancient Wisdom Forum:
    This is a forum that provides daily reflections from ancient wisdom as described more comprehensively
    at this link. To belong to this forum, you can subscribe to ANY of the four subscription plans you will find at this link to Subscription Plans:  Ancient WIsdom Monthly, Ancient Wisdom Yearly, Creators Monthly, Creators Yearly. 


  2. The Creators Forum: 
    The Creators Forum allows you and your fellow Creator Subscription Plan members to post to your heart's content on this forum.  We welcome essays, poetry, fiction, research, rants -- or give us a link to your videocast or podcast, film, song, speech, artwork, photography.  We invite the members of this forum to post anything that causes us to reflect or lead a dialogue on various issues. 

    To increase the readership of your work, you can indicate which of your posts you would like to have available to ALL site visitors.  It will be posted on the main blog site after a cursory review for profanity or other offensive remarks. 

If you are a member of a particular forum and you wish to be notified of the new posts and other activity, you can be notified in two places: 

  1. On this site, in your Member Notifications Page 

  2. By email notification into your own inbox 

Procedure: (still to finish)

  1. For the forums below that you will be able to access -- and choose "following"  By doing this, you will have defaulted 

  2. Set fhre more detailed by going to Member Profile Settings.  This will allow you to set what types of email notifications you want for blog entries and forum entries.​