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A sample of speech topics I can deliver
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  • Fearless Leadership:  The Neuroscience of Conscious Choice and Mind Fitness
  • The Mindful Leader -- Cultivating Serenity, Compassion and Forgiveness Through Daily Practice--i.e. how to meditate 
  • The Rising Importance of Psychotherapy in Organisations -- How Mental Illnesses such as  PTSD, ADD, Autism, Bipolar, Domestic Violence and Severe Addictions (Drug, Alcohol, Sex, Work, Computer Games Addiction are Destroying the Quality of Our Executives and Culture
  • The Rise of the Chief Talent Officer -- their role, their emerging importance and what organisations need to do to develop this function, and the radical transformation of the concept of "Human Resources) (see the article on the rising importance of this position in the organisation--see above the video I made entitled "Future of Work will be All about Talent." 
  • Reinventing Organisations to meet the Artificial Intelligence/Post-COVID World --the Rise of the "Imagination Age" --the age that follows the Industrial Age and the Information World
  • A Comprehensive Guide To Building Leaders for the Imagination Age (post-Industrial and post-Information Age) -- Based on White Paper I wrote--see the video of me explaining the background and context of this paper
  • The Increasing Importance of Talent Management in Organisations - Its Components, How to Establish It and the Role of Executives and Boards
  • How to Design and Implement Long-Term CEO Succession Planning - What Every Board Should Know About the Most Important Asset the Organisation Has -- and The Highest Risk 
  • The Creation of the Corporate Athlete with High Prefrontal Cortex Functioning -- Why Breathing, Sleep, Water, Food, Stress Will be Essential to the Performance of Organisations
  • High-Performance Teams -- What They Look Like, How to Assess Team Performance, and How to Develop Teams to their Potential
  • An Intensely Personal and Vulnerable Story of How I Learned the Most Valuable  Life Lessons on the Four Components of Leadership -- Strategy, Operations, Talent and Knowing Thy Self 
  • What Science Can Teach Corporate Leaders: Insights from Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Biochemistry -- Particularly When it Comes to Thinking, Innovation and Leadership
  • The Concept of Spiritual Intelligence and the Quest for Purpose in the Corporate
  • The Future of Work -- type types of places our children will work -- what they might be doing, the way they will work and the industries they will work in
  • The Future of the Business Degree in Universities-- Where it Needs to Go -- and How Corporates, Government and Universities Can Integrate More effectively
  • The Neuroscience of Trust in an Organisation
  • The Creation of a Coaching Culture--What We Can Learn From Other Industries
  • Australia's Transition Challenge for 2030--How Do We Evolve From One of the Least Complex Economy with One of the Lowest Levels of Productivity and Therefore Extremely Vulnerable in the Next Decade--Lessons Learned from Canada and Scandinavia

What Types of Audiences?

I have presented to many types of audiences over the last 30 years that range from 5 to 1000--including: 

  • Organisation -wide presentations with audiences live with 1000+ leaders in the audience

  • Special interest conferences (e.g. Accountants, HR, IT, Foreign Trade, Small Business, Marketing professionals, School Principals, Government Departments )

  • University classrooms--particularly in Business Schools

  • Top 100+ leadership retreats

  • Executive team retreats

  • Female talent across many industries

I adapt my message and content to meet the client's objectives. Most of my presentations are highly interactive -- and I particularly enjoy walking through the audience and engaging individuals and tables to join in the conversation.  

With COVID-19, I am making many of my presentations online.  I involve the "Zoom" audience all the way through my lectures in break-outs, question and answer, chatting and sharing references and papers throughout my speech.