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I enjoy writing many types of articles, helping you and your organisation to reflect on current trends and future possibilities.  You will see an array of samples below that I have written over the last decade (click on each of the covers to go to the actual pdf article).  
In particular, I appreciate working with executive teams and their organisations to co-create an article on their "Future Organisation."  Please see a sample article I've written below for an imaginary company called "How we built Eyexgen."  This article is a simulated Harvard Business Article that is written as if it were five years from now. This "back-from-the-future" article is a vision for how this organisation would like to succeed over the next five years -- its strategy, market, culture, and leadership. The article also predicts the major obstacles they would face over the next five years and how they would overcome them.   
To write this particular type of future vision piece could involve many different types of processes ranging from:
  • Interview(s) with one or more leader who has the imagination capability
  • Facilitated "future vision" session(s) with the executive team or other groups within the organisation that I facilitate to construct this type of future vision
  • A day of reflection with one or two executives off-site to flesh out their visions of what the organisation could be like in 3-5 years--see the one-on-one executive retreat that I offer
Please contact me if you are interested in having me write any type of article that helps you or your organisation gain clarity on the world we live in or gather imaginative possibilities for us to ponder. It does not have to be in the future.  The cost of producing the article will depend on the number of hours required for research, consultation, facilitation and production.  We will negotiate a fixed priced at the beginning of the engagement.  

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2018 Katharine McLennan on Enter the Ima
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2018 Katharine McLennan on Australia Tra
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2016 Katharine McLennan on AboutMyBrain
2008 Leadership in Turbulent Times, A Ne
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